Discover untold stories of your loved ones

Discover untold stories of your loved ones

Discover untold stories of your loved ones

Choose from our curated library of 200+ questions and preserve meaningful moments.

Choose from our curated library of 200+ questions and preserve meaningful moments.

Choose from our curated library of 200+ questions and preserve meaningful moments.

Feel connected to loved ones

Meaningful questions helping you discover things you never knew about your family

Preserve your memories

Keep memories to pass on to future generations. Create eternal video memories

Secure and Ad-Free

Your recordings are protected with 256-bit encryption. They are only visible to you

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Capturing moments of delight

Stories Worth Telling

Stories Worth Telling

Frequently Asked Questions


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What is Laulau?

Laulau is the world’s first family self-discovery experience. The Laulau app helps you create eternal video memories by recording your parents and grandparents. It’s a private place for you to discover stories you never knew about them from our carefully curated library of questions. There is something unique about videos fully capturing their emotions, facial expressions and voices full of life.

How does it work?

First, sit down with your parent or grandparent in a quiet and well-lit environment. Second, choose a question you would like them to answer from our 5 themes. Third, place your phone at eye-level on a desk and record them in selfie mode while they are seated. Make sure their faces are fully visible and that the microphone is not covered.

Who is Laulau for?

Everyone! Laulau is most frequently used by grandchildren to record their grandparents, but parents also use it. We want to change the global conversation about how remember our loved ones.

Is Laulau free to use?


Is Laulau safe?

Laulau uses 256-bit AES-GCM encryption to protect your videos. We will never sell your data. Your videos will only ever be visible to you. Any suggestions how we can improve?

What people say

  • "I love Laulau! It’s given me a new way to connect with my grandma. Thank you for creating such a thoughtful app"


    "Amazing Idea. Tried it out today with my grandmother and she fell in love with it. We have our next Laulau session scheduled for next week"


    "I recently downloaded this app to record the musings of my last remaining grandparent. I find the process so moving! It's so special to be able to keep something from the one you love. Highly recommend!"


    "This app is the one I cherish the most on my phone. Being able to open it up, and see recorded stories from my family makes me so happy, even more while I’m living abroad. The questions are nicely curated in different categories :)"


    "This app is built by people who appreciate the beauty in getting to know our loved ones. I wish this had existed earlier on!"


    "It's actually sooo cool I love it!! Having memories with family members forever and being able to pass them on through generations"


    "I personally loved this app! It enables creating recorded future memories from our loved ones that we can always go back to. The questions are really engaging and helped me know some funny facts about my childhood!"


    "The questions are a great way to sit with grandparents and hear new stories you wouldn’t otherwise have known about"


    "This app is such an interesting way to learn about my family and build memories. Something that has always been important to me but not found such an easy way to help make it happen"


    "The app is absolutely brilliant. Got plenty of cool questions to ask my parents and got to see a completely new side of them!"


    Excellent app to record and keep memories with your love ones! I used it with my grandma!


    "At first I was skeptical about the app, but it turned out to be an amazing and wholesome experience. I recommend it without reservations!"


    "Used with Grandparents. A cool new type of app that shapes a trip down memory lane - by their memories, for my memories! Simple and fun. Recommend!"


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